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Info Studio received an Industrial Security License from the Ministry of Security BiH

Info Studio received an Industrial Security License from the Ministry of Security BiH

The Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina granted the Industrial Security License of the highest level to the IT company Info Studio d.o.o. and its employees.

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19 Oct 2022

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Assistant Minister Mate Miletić handed over the license to the CEO of Info Studio, Adnan Begoli. The multi-month checks of employees and the Company, which are carried out by the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, were carried out in accordance with the highest European and world standards.

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All employees for whom a security clearance has been requested have successfully met the security requirements and undergone training, which includes detailed familiarization with the procedures of processing and transferring secret data. By possessing this internationally recognized document means the company Info Studio and its employees operate absolutely in accordance with the law.

With this, the company Info Studio achieved the opportunity to participate in tenders of the public sector of BiH and other countries, as well as international organizations with which the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has an agreement on the exchange of secret data.

These are, among others, the Governments of the Republic of Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Italy and Turkey.

Info Studio has been operating on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 25 years and has already successfully implemented projects and contracts that included access to secret data. One of such contracts was the implementation of the largest Document Management system by number of users for the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

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